Raw Foods: Delicious And Fresh Kimchi


I’m Jennifer and I’ve been eating a healthy raw food diet for years now. My life today is very different from the first 20 years of my life; I come from a background of computers and fast food. I started having health problems in my 20’s and decided to completely change my lifestyle. I am now a healthy, happy dietitian, helping others to break the chain of unhealthy eating and promoting a raw-food diet.

This recipe is for a traditional Kimchi known as “Shang.” You’ll find many kinds of kimchi in recipe books and pre-prepared on store shelves, many of which are jammed with preservatives and other harmful and unnatural additives. Avoid those and go with a homemade version like this one.


Head of Cabbage
2 Tbsp Kosher Salt
2 tsp Sesame Seeds (toasted, if desired)
1 Tbsp Thai Chili Paste (if you can find this, chili paste with garlic is acceptable)
1 Tbsp Fresh Garlic, chopped & minced.
1 tsp Sesame Oil (preferably dark)


1. Chop up a one to two pound head of cabbage but leave it in rather decent sized pieces– not too fine! Place the cabbage pieces in a large bowl and add the salt to the cabbage. Mix well. Place another bowl of equal size on top of your cabbage and salt mixture to compress it. Let it sit at room temperature for 3-4 hours, remembering to stop and toss the mixture every hour or so.

2. Drain cabbage, rinse with cold water and then drain it again. Make sure the draining is done fully and that all the cabbage gets the benefit of being drained and rinsed. I wouldn’t recommend extra rounds of rinsing here but perhaps it’s just my tastes. I’d be curious to know if anyone has different findings here as well.

3. Combine in all of the remaining ingredients, toss and chill for at least 4 hours for the best possible taste. I tend to recommend chilling it longer but anything 4+ will suffice. Extra time in chilling and extra time in the salt stage can produce different tastes and effects in your Kimchi. Experiment with different times for different results. We’d love to hear any new ideas the readers have in these areas.

You’re done! Just serve it on its own, or with some rice noodles or other vegetables. Kimchi is a very popular traditional dish that has been served for countless generations in Korean families. It can actually be prepared in a similar fashion with other vegetable types as well. It’s essentially a pickling process that you are exposing the cabbage to. Regardless of the science behind it, the taste screams for itself. We feel that it’s quite a delicious and healthy raw food dish for many tastes.

The Perks Of A Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet

I’ve long been a supporter of eating vegetarian and eventually that led into my choosing an entirely vegan lifestyle. While I strongly encourage others to look at diet possibilities that don’t involve killing other creatures, I understand that not everyone will make the same choices I have. So, in my attempts to help everyone that visits my site, I want to offer a perspective on raw food diets and why you should minimally look at the benefits of eating a raw food diet, even if it does include some meat.

Weight Loss

It’s not simply the cooking aspect of a standard diet that makes the food less productive for your body and digestion. The sad fact is that in cooking food, we add so many other ingredients, many of which are often not beneficial to us. Consider butter, salt, unhealthy oils and other condiments that are largely fat or sugar based. Science shows that these food types are not conducive to losing weight which is why it’s nice to have a raw food diet that doesn’t push for over-prepared meals. A trimmer you is usually a happier and healthier you as well. Raw foods will encourage weight loss.

Healthier Body

Nobody likes getting sick or having ailments such as headaches or rashes. These sort of conditions often arise from the entire alienation of raw foods from the diet. Cooking foods at temperatures over 115 degrees fahrenheit is suspected to have a destructive affect on the enzyme level in the food. Enzymes are essential food components that your body needs for survival and certainly for optimum health. Enzymes are found more often and in greater quantities in natural vegetables and certainly less in prepared, cooked or meat-based meal choices. Eating a raw food diet or at least adding more raw foods can boost your immune system quickly.

Digestion Health

The extent to which your body has to work at the digestion process is the extent to which you will get less from it. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, by cooking the vegetables you eat, you reduce the fiber content. Fiber is an essential component in your body’s effort to break down food. So, more cooking, worse digestion. Almost too simple.


The story starts and stops with nutrients and enzymes. If you are seeking energy you need essential nutrients and enzymes that are broken down and destroyed when heated over 115 degrees. The trouble we go through to “prepare” food actually ruins that food to a large extent. That is, unless taste is the only thing you’re after, which I know isn’t the case. You’re here because you want a better, healthier version of yourself. Raw foods will give you the gift of excellent energy. That’s a promise!

The list of pros to a raw food based diet are so overwhelmingly convincing that it worked on me and my husband. Once you open the pandoras box of eating a healthy diet rich in raw foods, you might even come to the same conclusion that I did… which was that eating meat was another negative practice for which I have better alternatives.