Going Vegan: The Many Sided Coin


The world of a vegan is quite exciting, and very enlightening as well. Many people believe that it’s just a diet when it is truly much more than that. However, the diet alone is the most important part to study and understand if you are seriously considering making the switch to an all-vegan diet and lifestyle.

One aspect to consider is the direct health effects. Vegan lifestyles are nearly always heavily centered around raw foods. Almost exclusive preference to raw vegetables is truly the way mankind has been eating for most of it’s history and it’s still working well for my family today. Raw foods are very beneficial because they contain essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes.

Without sounding too harsh or uncaring to those who haven’t decided to go full vegan yet, as it can be a difficult choice for many, we should be honest to point out the fact that a vegan diet is much better on the spirit. It’s hard to talk about this with some meat eaters who are defensive about the implications of their diet. As a vegan, not only your diet, but all other aspects of your life from your consumer goods, to clothing and so on are rooted in an ethical position about the value of an animal’s life. It’s nothing to get upset about if you form another conclusion than I do. I only try to present what is good and healthy for my family. I can truly never offer any other perspective other than my own.

Before jumping into the vegan diet too fast, don’t forget that you have to put in a great deal of effort at first until you are able to replace the meal choices you used to make. Getting pre-packaged meals that are 100% white flour and sugar is no way to get healthy and you can actually end up making yourself get extra sick by not addressing the needs of your body from a nutritional perspective.