The choice to take on and try to thrive in the vegetarian and raw foods lifestyle was one that took me many years to embrace and it wasn’t a decision I came to quickly. Before adopting all of the positive life changes I’ve made in my life, my level of confidence or certainty wasn’t as high as it is now.

Tackling the challenges of growing up and then finding someone to spend my entire life with was one of the biggest and most meaningful events in my life. I owe much of my happiness and joy to my husband for believing in me and encouraging me all along the way. My passion for preparing vegan recipes or raw food diet-related dishes never got old for him and he even joined in and has always really been right by my side when it came to our lifestyle.

Bringing our love for healthy, vegan and wholesome food choices to our children’s life has been an exciting and interesting process. We both thought our children would beg for sugary foods and treats but we’ve found that our good habits have rubbed off on our little ones. Sure, they’ve never tasted meat but they can choose to become a meat-eater on their own when they become of age to find their own food selections.

We’re not really worried about that based on how excited our children get around meal time. They’re almost as ecstatic as my husband to eat and we never have anything animal-based on our plates. The natural range of plant-based food choices are so vast that we’ve never even felt like we were missing anything.

This blog is about bringing that love for life, diet, family and fun into a place where like minded healthy vegans and vegetarians can come to learn and grow. Whether you’re here for exciting recipe ideas or for information on how to excel in living a vegan lifestyle in ways that extend past the table, you’re in the right place.

We value the feedback and participation of our readers and we fully realize that learning is an open field, not a one-way street. We constantly learn from our children and from each other. Please share in the conversation and let us know what you think about our recipe ideas. We can’t wait to make you say, “Yummmmm.”